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Breast Reduction

If your breasts are too large and heavy, you can have breasts with a good aesthetic appearance with breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery not only reduces the size of your breasts by removing excess tissue and gives them an aesthetic appearance, but also helps you get rid of the pain and physical limitations that large breasts can cause.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of the breasts. The procedure involves removing excess breast tissue, tightening the skin, and repositioning the nipple and areola.


With reduction mammoplasty, your breasts will become smaller, upright and attractive, and you will have a more comfortable and comfortable life. This life-changing surgery can correct a number of unwanted problems such as:

º Chronic back problems
ºNeck and shoulder pain
ºExcessive bra strap pressure
º Inability to wear various clothing options
º Restricted physical activity
º Difficulty sleeping
º Under breast nappy rash, fungus

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Suitable for Me?

If you are in good general health and at an ideal and stable weight, you are probably a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. If the size and weight of your breasts affects your self-confidence, interferes with your daily activities, or causes physical discomfort, breast reduction can help you:

º Finding bras and clothes that fit much easier
º Help you to have a better posture and feel healthier.
º Allow you to exercise more comfortably
º Allow you to exercise more comfortably
º Helps reduce incision pain on your shoulders caused by bra straps

Personalized Planning of Breast Reduction Surgery

The best way to find out if breast reduction surgery is the right option for you is to come for an examination and meet in person. During this important initial examination, I will discuss your concerns and answer your questions. I will give information about the surgical technique that we can apply depending on breast size and sagging, nipple sensation, breastfeeding, scars. I will examine your physical condition and determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.

Breast Reduction Surgery Process

It will be necessary to evaluate with mammography and/or ultrasonography to determine whether there is any problem in the breast tissue before the operation. If you smoke, you should stop smoking before surgery and not smoke during your recovery to facilitate optimal recovery.

Breast reduction surgery takes about 3 hours under general anesthesia. Usually 1-2 days in the hospital will be sufficient. The post-operative period is usually a comfortable one with minimal pain. You will need to wear a special bra for about 4 weeks. While the patient can return to work within 10 days, he should wait at least 2 months for heavy sports. As the swellings that occur in the early period recover within 1 month, you will start to notice the aesthetic appearance that the operation gives to your breast. 

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