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Abdominoplasty, also called tummy tuck, is an ideal solution to achieve a smoother, flatter and firmer abdomen. During the procedure, excess fat and sagging skin tissue are removed, loose skin and abdominal muscles are tightened by stretching, and the belly button is repositioned. It should be noted that this operation is a body contouring procedure and will regulate the midsection of your body and return your tummy to its flat and youthful shape.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck

Aging, genetics, pregnancies, and weight fluctuations can all lead to loose skin and unwanted fat deposits. These problems can still exist even if you maintain a healthy exercise and diet routine. Abdominoplasty gives you the following benefits:

º It cleans the excess skin around the abdomen,
º Tightens the abdominal muscles,
º A slim, curved waistline,
º Minimizes or eliminates the appearance of cracks
º Increases your self-confidence.


In the hands of a good plastic surgeon, a tummy tuck not only removes loose skin and excess fat from your midriff, the procedure produces natural-looking results that can help you feel more comfortable and beautiful.

A tummy tuck is often a staple of maternity aesthetics for patients who want to address the wide variety of breast and body issues that accompany pregnancy and childbirth. During our initial meeting, I will listen to your goals, assess your situation and explain all the treatment options available to you. Together we will design a fully customized surgery plan just for you.

Am I a Good Tummy Tuck Candidate?

Your safety and satisfaction are always top priorities. Therefore, it is very important that you are a good candidate for the surgery you are considering. While tummy tuck is among the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed all over the world and is applied to hundreds of thousands of patients every year, this procedure is not ideal for every patient.

Abdominoplasty is a body shaping surgery, not a weight loss surgery. Individuals with an illness that will affect the procedure or who are overweight may need to delay the procedure until they are physically ready.

Generally speaking, you may be an ideal tummy tuck candidate if:

º If you suffer from persistent unwanted fat deposits despite diet and exercise
º If you have loose abdominal skin and muscles
º If your general health is good,
º If you are at a stable and healthy weight,
º If you don't smoke or can quit,
º If you are not using any medication that dilutes the blood or prevents healing.

The best way to determine if a tummy tuck is right for you is to first make an appointment for an exam. We will personally meet with you and thoroughly evaluate your goals, health condition and medical history before recommending the procedure best suited to your needs.

Abdominoplasty Examination

Every procedure is meticulously planned to achieve flawless results. The planning process for your tummy tuck begins during your first personal examination.

We will answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about the procedure. It is important that you fully understand what a tummy tuck can and cannot do; We will explain to you every aspect of your procedure and set very clear expectations for your results.

During this examination, we will listen to you and determine whether you are a good candidate for abdominoplasty. A thorough physical evaluation is extremely important to determine which procedure or combination of treatments can achieve your desired result. We will discuss your medical history, current medications and aesthetic goals during these interviews.

No surgical procedure is completely risk-free. We will tell you these and discuss the potential risks associated with your procedure. Informing the patient is a very important element for the patient to have a more comfortable process.

Your Special Abdominoplasty Procedure

The tummy tuck procedures that will be performed for you are completely customized procedures. Your tummy tuck surgery will be designed specifically for you to meet your needs and goals. During your consultation, I will tell you the location and length of the incision, the degree of correction required, and the timing of your surgery.

Types of Abdominoplasty

Classic tummy tuck: In this tummy tuck procedure, excess skin and fat tissue from the entire abdomen are removed above and below the navel. The procedure also tightens the abdominal muscles and repositions the belly button. In full tummy tuck, scars are planned to remain in underwear.

Mini tummy tuck: A mini tummy tuck is suitable for patients with only a moderate amount of extra fat and loose skin below the belly button. In the mini tummy tuck procedure, a shorter incision is made.

In abdominoplasty, much more successful and desired results can be obtained, often accompanied by liposuction. Regardless of the technique used in your procedure, natural. A typical tummy tuck procedure takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the procedure, and is performed under general anesthesia. Most patients can be discharged within 2 days.

Abdominoplasty Healing Process

After surgery, a wide, soft dressing is placed around your abdomen to facilitate optimal healing and the patient is dressed in a corset to support the abdomen. You may have pain after the surgery, but this is controlled with painkillers. Most surgical sutures will naturally disappear and drains that may have been placed are removed one to two days after your procedure.

You should plan to take a week off work after tummy tuck surgery. In this process, we recommend that you walk by bending over, as there may be tension in the abdominal region. You should find someone to accompany you after the procedure.

After the surgery, you may be able to do your daily activities a week later. It should be waited for 1 month for light sports activities and 2 months for strenuous movements and heavy sports activities. You need to wait about 6 months for the ideal appearance after the operation.

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